A Bespoke Business plan, just for you with SwiftSwitch

SwiftSwitch understand that business doesn’t stand still, so we don’t either. On your command, our custom-made plan will flex and grow with your business and budget. EE Business Connect is a bespoke plan created to cater to the needs of dynamic businesses, like yours.

The benefits of a bespoke business plan


You can share data, minutes and texts with employees. Add multiple users and devices.


The control features of this plan enable you to set permissions for every device in your fleet.

Whether you’re a multi-national corporation or a sole trader, Business Connect is built with you in mind. Pay only for what you need, as you need it.

Share data, minutes and texts between users. And as your business expands and your requirements subsequently grow, add new devices, SIMs and allowances.

Take total control of every device on your plan. At the touch of a button, set permissions on the go for data, roaming, international and premium rate calls.


Our Roaming Features Include:

  • Double Speed 4GEE as standardM
  • USA & Europe – local-rate calls

With Business connect from EE you can enjoy the best network speeds and roaming rates. Business connect from EE have transformed working practices for content-heavy businesses. Our plan affords access to Double Speed 4GEE as standard, with speeds of up to 60Mbps.

Business Connect also includes a range of travel add-ons for calling and texting overseas. Whether you are away for business or pleasure, these add-ons can be shared, so everybody can benefit. Calls to Europe and the USA are included at no extra cost.



  • Unbeatable value – monthly cover from as little as £2.99 per device
  • Rapid replacement – 48-hour turn-around on new devices

If you wish to ensure that you are protected against theft, loss and damage, you can opt to add insurance to your handsets. Supercover insures all manner of business gadgetry against any unlucky mishaps and accidents that may occur. Fees start at just £2.99 per device.

Get your essential business tools covered now, for less, with Supercover.

At SwiftSwitch we advise against taking risks where cover is concerned. After all, accidents happen… frequently.

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