Bill Auditing

What is Utility Bill Auditing?

Bill Auditing exists to make your business more energy and water efficient, and ultimately reduce your costs.

The Stats

70% of all supplier complaints relate to billing issues – this is a fact – and a sombre one indeed. This proves that billing errors remain to be a big problem for all of us in the UK, especially for the good people trying to run their businesses. The last thing you need as a business owner is to be overcharged on your utilities.

It is estimated that 80% of utility and service billing statements contain errors – and these errors could cost you heaps of money that would be put to better use in more worthy areas of your business.

Your utility bills need to be extremely accurate in order to avoid you being overcharged. But, unfortunately, due to the intricate nature of utility bills, too much of the time discrepancies on your bills will go unnoticed.

The vast amount of inaccurate bills being delivered to businesses across the UK has caused the bill auditing process to become an essential part of the overall pursuit to reduce utility costs. Each energy audit is distinct and designed to deal with the requirements of the unique business in question.

So, Why do these Errors Occur?

These are the silent cost-racketeers. You can be lumped with estimated usage rates if your meter is blocked and cannot be read. You can avoid estimated bills by purchasing a ‘smart meter’. You can find at all about smart meters and how they could save your business heaps of money by visiting The Smart Meter.
Pricing Fluctuations

The price of utility tariffs will go up and down in the market, so unless you are on a fixed term contract the price you pay for your utilities could sky rocket as you sleep.

The suppliers are human, and humans make mistakes. Taking incorrect readings, mucking up calculations and a few too many late nights and therefore poor performances over in their accounts departments can all lead to big, costly billing mistakes.

Out-of-date meters
Having an old or faulty meter could lead to billing errors.
Failing to be Energy Efficient
The more efficient your business is, the more savings you are likely to make on your monthly bills. Using efficient equipment can help you to reduce the price you pay for your utilities.
Complex Nature of the Bills
These days our utility bills are riddled with information that translates as nothing more than jargon to us. This can be dangerous – because we don’t always understand where the charges come from we do not always feel confident enough to query them.

With SwiftSwitch on your side however you no longer have to worry about whether the price you are paying for your utilities is fair and accurate.

By conducting an audit we are able to ascertain potential savings and rebates. An audit lays its focus on previous billing errors and mitigates the chances of them occurring again. Without an expert to advise you, it is far too easy to just accept the fees you are presented with, without assessing if you are being billed correctly.

Energy Efficiencies

An energy audit refers to the process where a professional energy auditor is deployed to assess how energy efficient you are being. If our auditor discovers you need to instigate more energy efficiency measures within your business they will provide you with all the information you would need to put your energy into gear and kick-start your savings journey.

In our energy audit includes an assessment of

  • Lighting and controls
  • Heating
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Compressed air
  • Electrical systems and equipment
  • Building fabric
  • Monitoring systems
  • Water use
  • Pumps/drives

All of these play their part in equating to your high energy bills. By understanding exactly what is costing you and how, you can begin to make savings and pave the way for a future will low energy bills.

To gain a real insight into the complex nature your energy bill, see The Energy Bill.

Water Auditing

According to a number of recent studies, many businesses in the UK pay their water bills without realising that they could receive a 30% reduction on their overall bills by switching. Experts estimate that 1 in 10 water bills are incorrect. If by conducting an audit we discover that your business has and is being mischarged, SwiftSwitch will work to get you the rebate you are entitled to.

The Preliminary Desktop Audit Report

Following the initial passing on of the relevant information to the water audit expert, a preliminary desktop water audit report will be produced within 7-10 days.

These reports will alert you to any potential savings that can be made. They are effective and easy to obtain. A water audit expert, like SwiftSwitch, will always be able to determine if your water billing information and site operational information is accurate. After the preliminary report has been conducted and sent over to you, an on-site survey will be undertaken and will contain and focus on specific areas of savings. The average payback will currently occur between 6-12 months, but strictly excludes refunds as a result of the water company overcharging you.

For an Audit you will need to Provide

  • A description of the water that is used on your sites
  • Postal addresses of your sites
  • Water and water waste bills you have gathered

How SwiftSwitch will help

  • We can show you how to cut your usage and reduce your utility bills.
  • We tailor our recommendations to your business’s needs.
  • We will work with you to improve the overall energy efficiency of your business.
  • Knowledge is power. Our experts will review your bills and help you to create a long term cost-reduction plan.

For Energy

SwiftSwitch will deploy an accredited, distinguished energy surveyor, to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your premises energy usage, fabric, and assets.

Post audit, when a full report has been compiled, SwiftSwitch will alert you to our findings in a jargon-free form. The report will contain your current consumption figures. From a thorough assessment of these figures we can work with you to highlight the areas where consumption can be reduced and henceforth where your business can make savings. The areas of savings encompass both kWh and CO2 usage, and, SwiftSwitch will work with you to create a savings scheme and implement savings now and in the future.

For more information on how you can manage your energy consumption you can see Energy Management. have created a detailed energy management system guaranteed to reduce your utility costs.

For Water

Our Motto: Reduce Consumption by Reducing Waste – this is where the magic happens. This is the key to cutting the costs of your water bills

Our water audit procedure is akin to our energy auditioning procedure. Post audit, when the details of the report have been configured, we will alert you to our findings. Then, we work together with you to see where and how we can make significant savings, now and in the long run.

Our Water Audit includes an Assessment of

  • Surface water Drainage assessment
  • Leak assessment
  • Invoice analysis
  • In-depth report of our findings
  • Advice on how to recover overcharges and make future savings
  • Waste water disposal analysis
Our team of experts possess unrivalled knowledge of the water industry. For more information see Water Management.

For all your utility bill needs, SwiftSwitch will supply you with an experienced consultant, free of charge.

We would love to hear from you. If you want to save money, time and hassle on your utilities, get in touch and have a chat with one of our energy experts.

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