Bill Validation

At SwiftSwitch we are pleased to offer our customers a bespoke bill validation service.

Bill validation has to be a crucial part of your overall energy management initiatives. This is because incorrect and inaccurate utility bills, meter faults, wrong estimations, and incorrect VAT charges are all very commonplace. They have been costing businesses a whole heap of money, money that would be best spent elsewhere.

Audits must be carried out on your bills to ensure that you are being charged correctly. Despite the monetary threats failing to conduct audits pose, not enough businesses are using bill audit and validation services. This is occurring because many utility customers do not have the time or the know how to effectively smooth out billing issues. However, with SwiftSwitch here to help and advise you, there are no longer any valid excuses for you to avoid reducing your costs. Besides, why would you want to sit back and avoid that bright eventuality anyway?

SwiftSwitch will conduct the initial audits of your utility bills; and then the bill validation process can commence.

SwiftSwitch‘s bill validation checklist

  • Calculations on invoice
  • Taxes
  • Billing dates
  • Estimated v real meter read frequency
  • Billing sent to correct premises
  • MPANs/voltages
  • Charges for transportation
  • Unit rates and charges
  • Published rates and charges
  • Flexible charging
  • Reconciliations

Our bespoke service

  • We will check your bills pre-payment and post-payment.
  • Ensure you are not being undercharged- this can result in you being ‘back billed’ which means you are liable to incur a hefty and unexpected charge for their mistakes.
  • Full monthly bill analysis to highlight any errors
  • Retrospective bill validation- this will check old bills as far back as six years
  • We will compile your unique bill validation report
During the bill validation process SwiftSwitch will methodically examine the state of your utility bills. Our findings will be detailed in the post bill validation report, which will be laid out for in a jargon free manner.

We will make sure that your supplier is held entirely accountable for his billing mistakes.

You will be kept informed and up to date throughout the duration of this process. And a member of our team will be on hand at all times to assist you with any queries you may have.

We would love to hear from you. If you want to save money, time and hassle on your utilities, get in touch and have a chat with one of our energy experts.

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