Broadband for Small Businesses

Take Control

For small businesses, there are a number of advantages to having uniquely designed broadband packages at your disposal. Settling for a substandard deal, a deal not tailored to suit your specific needs, would only thwart your plight to make your business as good as it can possibly be.

Priority Service

Broadband providers will prioritise their business customers over their domestic customers. They will also deal with any problems you may have with far more haste due to more stringent service level agreements.

Static IP Addresses

A static IP address is a home address for your internet enabled device. But, unlike domestic IP addresses that frequently change, a business IP address will not. It can usually be obtained from your broadband package, although some suppliers may charge an extra fee.

They allow you to

  • Have a personalised domain for your emails- you will not obtain this from an external provider.
  • Run and host your website and allow you to connect to your work from any location.
  • Host your own website by turning your PC into a server. This means you have more control and do not pay any hosting fees.
  • Monitor remote devices connected to the network such as CCTV, remote printers and alarms.

Download Limits and Speed

Business broadband speeds are faster than domestic speeds and companies provide all of their customers with unlimited download limits too. For a small business, the advantages of possessing a ‘Business Broadband Package’ could be of paramount importance to the longevity of its success.

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