Gas and Electricity for Hotels

How to Save your Hotel Money

Hotel energy should be regarded as a distinct entity in the world of business energy. This is because the way a hotel consumes and uses its energy on a day to day basis differs from the way that other commercial enterprises consume theirs.

Unlike most businesses, a hotel will need to use energy 24/7. In order to develop and maintain a high reputation, it is imperative that a hotel caters to the needs and expectations of its guests, at all hours of the day and night. The energy bill of a hotel can therefore work out to be very expensive. Even so, savings on your bills can and should be made. Below are some energy efficiency tips that are bound to kick-start your savings journey.

SwiftSwitch’s Energy Saving Advice:

Hot Water
  • Keep pipework well Insulated.
  • Look out for leaky taps and be sure to repair them promptly if a leak were to occur.
  • Heat water to 60 degrees and no more. This is a hot enough temperature to kill bacteria, and it will save you money too.
  • Install spray taps- they use less energy.
  • Regularly service your boiler. Your annual heating costs can be reduced by 10%.
  • Insulate your pipework. Especially the ones that lead to the bedrooms and communal areas.
  • Do not overheat bedrooms. 21 c is a good temperature to set as the maximum.
  • Use timer switches on as many heating devices as possible.
  • Low energy lighting works wonders to reduce your energy consumption. Replace your GLS lamps with florescent or LED lamps.
  • Kitting out your rooms with sensors will also help to reduce your consumption.
  • Do not forget to close the doors!
  • Regularly check your refrigerators door seals
  • Regularly check the seals on your fridges, and defrost them too. Also, make sure to keep evaporators and condensers clean.
  • A and A++ units are the most energy efficient. – They use the least electricity.
  • Only put dishwashers on when they are full. Try using electromagnetic induction to cook.
The Laundry Room
  • If you wash at 30c as opposed to 40c, you will use less energy
Room Appliances
  • Energy efficiency appliances throughout the hotel, including the many rooms you will have, will lower your energy consumption.
The Building Management System
  • This system lets you monitor your energy usage via a computer. It is a great and easy way to keep track of your usage, and it will highlight any areas that you may need to implement energy efficient measures. It also enables you to easily control your hotels electrical systems.

A Broken Down Account of your hotel Energy Bill

Your bill will be comprised of the following:

  • VAT – Value added tax on services and goods.
  • Standing charge – Mandatory charge. It is distinct from your gas and electricity charges.
  • Notice period date – The date you must notify your supplier if you intend to cancel the contract.
  • Climate change levy – Government charge to promote energy efficiency.
  • Contract End Date – The date your existing contract expires.
  • Unit Rate – This is measured in k Wh. It is the cost you incur for each unit of energy your business uses.

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