Making the most of free Business Landline

If you don’t ask, you Won’t Get

When entering into a new contract will always push to get you good value for your money. Now, the landline providers will not be too quick to offer up lots of ‘free’ deals. But, if you lean on them a little, chances are that they will end up feeling obligated to bung in free calls as part of your service package.

As a business owner the last thing you need is to be let down by a shoddy, substandard landline service.

Connection Fee Awareness
118, 03, 08, 09, 0845 and 118 numbers will charge you a connection fee, even at off peak times. Although no flat-rate fee will be charged.
Long Distance Awareness
With most business packages the included ‘free calls’ will not cover long-distance and international calls. You can find out what calls you are being charged for by looking on your itemised bill.

Be savvy when it comes to choosing what calls to make and when to make them.

Line Rental
Using line rental is often rather expensive. It usually incurs a higher cost than flat-rate per minute charges. If we discover that your line rental is not cost effective, then switching to a switchboard service or simply cutting down on the amount of phone lines your business uses could help you to save money.
Bundle it all in
If your business uses more than one service, it may save you money if you switch to a bundle/package deal.
Peal your eyes for Promotions
Promotions exist, so take advantage. Lots of companies will offer loyalty rewards and bonuses as well as free land line calls, even during your contract.
Essentials Only
Only pay for what you use. Again, make sure to refer to your itemised bill to check what you are using in relation to what you are being charged for.

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