Micro Business Energy

In 2010 OFGEM’s introduced the idea of “Micro Businesses”. This was an idea born from Of gems realisation that small UK businesses needed and thus deserved more protection from the vast and complex energy market. Acquiring the micro business title has helped businesses to face issues such as billing, complaints, and fair contracting.

Under OFGEM’s Retail Market Review (RMR) Micro Business Customers can now Expect

  • More clarity regarding terms and conditions
  • Limits on back billing
  • Clearer invoicing and end dates
  • Caps on rollover Contracts

It is not just micro businesses however that have benefited from Ofgems decision. A number of suppliers have extended their micro business policies to cover SME enterprises too.

Are you a Micro Business?

This is the post RMR definition of a Micro Business

  • 293,000 kWh of gas or less consumed a year
  • 100,000 kWh of electricity or less consumed a year
  • Less than 10 employees or the full-time equivalent of that
  • Annual turnover does not exceed 2 Million Euros

Termination Dates

In 2014 Ofgem set changes in place to allow micro businesses to supply termination notice to their supplier at any time during the term of their energy contract. Prior to this the termination notice date was 30 days.

In addition to this, all suppliers must clearly state the termination date and the notice period on your itemised energy bill.

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