The Energy Bill

A Broken down Explanation

We all pay for energy. But do we all know what our energy bill pays for?

Most of the population will be in the dark when it comes to understanding where our money goes when we pay our energy bills, which makes sense considering how bulked-up with jargon and figures it is. It may come as a surprise to you to know that each of us contribute toward the running of the entire process.

Setting aside the Jargon, this is Where Our Money Goes

  • 45% – Making Energy
  • 40% – Transporting Energy
  • The rest – Taxes and Levies

Making and Selling the Energy

We are involved right from the start. Our money pays for every part of the energy production process. We pay for the production of both renewable and non-renewable energy.

The total cost of buying the energy makes up a considerable proportion of your Bill.

You know that lovely service we all get at the beginning and throughout the duration of our energy contracts? Well, a small percentage of our bill pays specifically for this pleasure.

Transporting the Energy

The delivery process is regulated by Ofgem. Energy suppliers pay people that operate the distribution networks to see that the energy reaches its destination, the end supply. A certain percentage of our bill pays for this as well as for the installation and the maintenance of our meters.

The Environmental and Money Side – (taxes and levies)

Taxes and levies, to put it plainly, are government polices implemented to make sure Britain is and will continue to, provide customers with clean and affordable energy.

The reason you pay for gas in ‘kWh’ is because your supplier converts these units in order to calculate your bills.

Conversion Calculator

Now we could have given you a lengthy explanation about how to convert metric and imperial meters to kWh, (mathematic equations involved and all) but we thought providing you with a calculator would make your life a whole lot easier. So, here you are:

These calculations will let you compare your calculations to your supplier’s ones, to make sure they match up!

If after you have read and absorbed all this information you are still a little overwhelmed, not are not to worry, just give SwiftSwitch a call when you’re free and have a chat with one of our energy experts.

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