VoIP System and Services

The evolving world of telecommunications has and will continue to improve our communication practices. So, in order to ensure that your business reaps the beneficial by-products of living in the modern world, and continues to thrive, you must utilize this technology.

VoIP technology is becoming popular and almost common place in the modern world. But a fun fact is that its technology actually dates back to the 1970’s when it was used as an experiment by the US department of defence.

How to Save with VoIP
VoIP stands for ‘voice over internet’, and is also known as phone or broadband phone. It refers to the concept of making calls over the internet. Using these services is a proven way to help reduce the expenses of small businesses by as much as 80%- so it really is worth getting on board.
How does it Work?
VoIP calls can be made over the internet, and do not require a landline. The technology works by taking voice signals and converting these signals to a digital signal that travels over the network.Once this happens they can then be converted back to voice signals at the other end. Sounds techy,but it’s actually very simple.

You can use VoIP phone to phone, computer to computer- computer to phone, IP enabled phone to telephone network, and VoIP to smartphone.

SME’s should take Advantage
Within the UK, the number of SME’s taking advantage of this technology is considerably lower in comparison to their continental business counterparts.

In 2006, an industry study concluded that an incredible three quarters of small business owners in the UK did not fully understand the role that VoIP played in the world of business. They were unknowingly missing out on a very good thing.

When this technology first emerged on the market there were some notable problems. However, the majority of these issues have been resolved.

The VoIP technology will only fail you if you have a low bandwidth. If your bandwidth is increased or is already quite large, your usage should not be interrupted.

No technology comes entirely devoid of drawbacks, but with VOIP technology the benefits seem to prevail, especially where running a business is concerned.

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