Water Leak Detection

A water leak could have a potentially catastrophic effect on your business. It could damage expensive equipment, cause structural damage, wreak havoc on your site, and leave you seriously out of pocket.

Taking preventative measures is essential. Water leak detection should not be taken lightly. You may think that if a leak were to occur, you would spot it easily (you’d see patches on the walls, or feel an incessant drip-drop above your head). But, the reality is that it is not always so easy to detect. Some leaks can go unnoticed and keep drip dropping away, until it becomes too late fix them without having to sit back and reflect upon some seriously expensive looking bills and devastating structural damage.

There are however a wealth of services available to put some protection into place, and ensure that you won’t have to pay out big time in the event of a leak.

What causes leaks and where can they happen?

There are a number of reasons why a leak will occur. It can be caused by having old pipes that corrode due to frosty weather or a faulty plumbing system, to name just two – in fact, there are an extensive number of reasons the dreaded leak might decide to pay your business a visit.

A leak is a common problem that has affected lots of businesses nationwide. Whatever the cause, the effects of a leak could have a serious impact on your business. Due to the location of the pipes (they are in the walls or under the flooring) a simple leak can leave the structure of your building with irreparable damage.

To avoid an excavation of your property, you will need to have access to professionals with the correct equipment. They will also need to fix the problems efficiently, leaving minimal damage. Attempting your own DIY project where a leak is concerned should be a big no, no. If you are not professionally trained and do not have access to the special equipment needed to do the job properly, it could end in you having to shell out even more than you would have in the first place. Employing a professional with considerably minimise the chances of the leak reoccurring just a few months later.

SwiftSwitch can supply your premises with, and install equipment, that will alert you to a leak before any real damage sets in.

How to Play the Leak Detective

You must look out for:

  • A leaky toilet
  • Cracks on your walls
  • A surge in your utility bill
  • Peeling paint or bubbling under the wall
  • Damp patches on your walls
  • Bad smell emanating from drain or floor

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The Costs
In terms of how it will impact your businesses costs, because water is measured by meters, the charges you will incur will be determined by how much water you consume. When a leak occurs you will be billed for the water wastage. All too often, business owners are only alerted to the fact that they may be dealing with a leak when they see their water bills sky-rocket.

A water leak can cause structural damage. This will mean you paying out to re-paint, re-plaster – but this is only if you’re a lucky victim. There have been many cases where a water leak has been so aggressive that both the ceilings and the walls had caved in. This is precisely why paying for water leak detection cover will probably end up saving your business a serious amount of money.

Water Leak Repairs
SwiftSwitch have access to experts that can perform first-class water leak repairs in conjunction with keeping your premises protected. The costs of a leak can reach into the thousands, so being prepared and protected is a must.
How it Works
SwiftSwitch will request to have a copy of your water and waste bills before we can begin our investigation. This is to ensure that we are able to understand the problem, and thus understand how to fix it.

Following our evaluation of your bills, we will carry out our leak detection procedure on your site. This will allow us to take note of any leaks that might be costing you. We can then use the collected information to report back to you and discuss the costs.

SwiftSwitch are pleased to offer an excavation service. Any damage that has occurred can be repaired, allowing you to get on with the running your business.

To find out more about our water auditing services visit Water Services and Management and Bill Auditing.

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