Deal Reached Between Scottish Water And Striking Workers


A deal has been struck between Scottish Water and its workers who recently went on strike over a pay dispute.

The joint industrial action which was led by three separate unions – Unite, Unison and GMB – took place last month, with a second 48-hour strike planned the third weekend of November called off after bosses announced they were planning a proposal.

Now, after carrying out a ballot over the deal, members from all three unions have voted unanimously to accept. As a result, workers will now receive a pay rise of eight percent, which will also be backdated for any overtime, call out and standby rates that have been worked since April.

The working week will also be cut to 35 hours without loss of pay from November next year.

As reported by the Insider, after the agreement was reached, all three unions commented on the victory, with two taking the opportunity to criticise the conduct of the utilities supplier.

Sharon Graham, Unite general secretary, said: “Let’s be clear, this deal only came about through the determination of our members to fight for a better deal through strike action.”

With an eye on the next round of talks, Unison Scotland regional organiser for Scottish Water Emma Phillips said: “The ballot settles this year’s pay claim, now we go into negotiations around a new pay and grading structure. Unison is determined this will deliver fairness and transparency.”

And lastly, Claire Greer, GMB’s organiser at Scottish Water, said: “This was a dispute that could have easily been avoided by a management which understood the importance of good industrial relations and the need to negotiate with unions in good faith.”

Scottish Water Comments

Along with the unions, Scottish Water also commented on the landmark deal, with the company saying it’s pleased to offer back pay and is ready to get a new structure in place by the end of the first quarter of next year.

Peter Farrer, Scottish Water chief operating officer, said: “We are delighted we can make a back-dated in-year award of 8%, payable in December, following a ballot of joint trade union members which resulted in agreement from the workforce.

“This has only been made possible by retaining the connection of the pay award to modernising our reward foundations which gives us the ability to go beyond the level of award permissible under the Public Sector Pay Strategy.

“We are fully committed to working with our unions to ensure a reviewed pay and grading structure is in place by March 2024.”

The union bosses and management at the utilities company will soon go back into negotiations to haggle over next year’s pay deal.

Comparing Providers

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