Government Announces New Scheme To Protect Agriculture


A new fund has been launched by the government, which aims to protect farmers from the threat of water shortages and drought.

In recent years, temperatures have risen sharply, particularly in summer, putting additional strain on the country’s reservoirs.

This has sparked the government into action, with £1.6m allocated for farmers to investigate different ways they can manage water.

The different strategies may include multi-farm reservoirs, treated wastewater recycling systems, water trading and sharing schemes, all of which could help ease the burden and safeguard the agricultural sector.

In addition, the fund will support around 20 studies, some of which will look to investigate water demand and availability in the most water-stressed agricultural areas. These studies will take place over the next 25 years, signalling a long-term strategy.

Water minister Robbie Moore said the move should help protect the agricultural industry, adding: “Water is our most valuable resource, and we want to support farmers to come together to manage it efficiently on their land.

“By storing water when it’s wet, they’ll have more to use when it’s dry – helping to support food production and boost the resilience of farm businesses across the country.”

These sentiments were echoed by Philip Duffy, chief executive of the Environment Agency, who said:

“Climate change, increased demand, and the need to protect the environment mean that up to 5bn extra litres of water will be needed in England every day by 2050.

“By working together, farmers can make a huge positive impact in improving our use of water resources, making sure they have water to use in times of drought and safeguarding our food security.”

Dangers Of Droughts

If the temperatures keep rising and the water shortages worsen, the worry is this could undermine UK food production, an issue that’s already occurring in other parts of the world.

Countries such as Spain and Italy, both of which are major suppliers of our fruits and vegetables, are experiencing water shortages and usage caps, which is leading to diminished yields and smaller harvests.

In particular, Spain, where much of our fresh produce is grown, has experienced severe issues of late, with reservoir levels in eastern parts of the country such as Catalonia plummeting to alarming lows.

So with exports down, as well as impacting the Spanish economy, this is also affecting prices here in the UK

With all this in mind, it’s encouraging to see the UK government taking proactive steps to avert this potential catastrophe, even if a drought may seem impossible following one of the wettest winters and springs on record!

Water Supplier Initiatives

Alongside the government, some of the UK’s water companies are also trying to offset the impact of climate change.

Rules set out by the water regulator Ofwat, mean that suppliers must prioritise efforts to reduce leakage and drive improvements in their service.

Having said that, it’s clear that some water companies are taking this more seriously than others, so you may be keen to ensure your business is partnered with a supplier that aligns with your environmental ethos.

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