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How Worried Should We Be About Dwindling Water Resources?


Everyone knows about the climate crisis, with temperature rises, melting ice caps, and severe weather conditions increasingly becoming the norm.

But how many people are aware of the global problem of dwindling water resources?

The issue is so prominent, in fact, that the latest United Nations water conference failed to reach a binding agreement between leaders, reported.

Although it was the first conference of its kind in 46 years, it did not manage to resolve the problem, simply saying more data is required.

Having more research will help policymakers to understand the water crisis more, as well as indicate how countries should act to support the global community.

Although the UN wants more scientific evidence regarding the water problem before working out how to help the issue, a report from the World Health Organization and UNICEF recently revealed worrying statistics.

A report released in July 2023 showed 2.2 billion people lacked access to safe drinking water, while 653 million did not have hand-washing facilities at home.

These problems may not affect the majority of people living in the UK, but it does demonstrate the growing scarcity of water across the world.

Findings like this might also encourage businesses in Britain to switch to water suppliers that take a proactive approach to supporting the environment and slowing down climate change.

For a start, they can reduce water waste by repairing leaks and appealing to customers to adopt water-saving measures. They can boost natural resources, such as planting trees, as this will clean water without the need for treatment.

Water suppliers can also use renewable power and environmentally-friendly operational and maintenance vehicles to reduce carbon output.

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