NGOs Call For Stronger Laws To Protect Water Ecosystems


A group of six NGOs has demanded a brand-new “EU Climate and Water Resilience Law” to help secure clean and sufficient water for people and the environment.

The coalition of NGOs banded together to call for green initiatives ahead of the European Economic and Social Committee’s high-level “Call for an EU Blue Deal” which intends to put in place grey infrastructure – gutters, drain and pipes.

“Rather than calling for an EU Blue Deal which relies heavily on grey infrastructure, we need to continue implementing the Green Deal and accelerate efforts to safeguard water for nature and for people,” said Claire Baffert, who’s the Senior Water Policy Officer at WWF’s European Policy Office and Chair of the Living Rivers Europe coalition.

“We urge the European Commission to draw up a new EU Climate and Water Resilience Law that ensures clean and sufficient water for people by securing healthy freshwater ecosystems for nature,” she added.

Worryingly, freshwater reserve running lows are after being exploited for decades, which is severely undermining the EU’s efforts to counter the effects of climate change. With increased drought, floods and fires in recent years, this has led to biodiversity and habitat loss.

The “EU blue Deal” would look to build more infrastructure to combat these issues, but the coalition of NGOs feels this is the wrong way to solve the problem.

Instead, they’re pushing for an EU Climate and Water Resilience Law that would create a network of natural Water Reserves to protect critical water supplies and their catchments areas of low supply. The law would also provide adequate finance for protecting and restoring natural “sponge” landscapes, and contribute to setting water efficiency and water abstraction targets to help protect levels.

Speaking about their concerns over plans to add concrete infrastructure to fix the flooding problem, Paul Brotherton, Freshwater Manager at Wetlands International Europe, said: “Building new dams, channelling riverbeds or implementing large-scale water transfers only increases our vulnerability to climate change impacts in the future.

“Instead, natural ecosystems including free-flowing rivers, restored floodplains, wetlands and peatlands need the space and freedom to do their job of absorbing, filtering and storing water, and providing vital habitats for nature,”

Finding Eco-Friendly Suppliers

It’s clear to see that NGOs and organisations inclined in ecology are looking at many different ways we can deal with the climate crisis. But it doesn’t have to just start and end there as businesses can also look to do their bit for the environment with their water usage and disposal.

If we’re being honest, most of us take water for granted. We simply turn our taps and our flows clean, fresh water. But not only is the pressure on freshwater systems increasing, but massive amounts of energy are required to pump water. That’s why we should all do what we can to reduce the amount of water we use both in the home and the workplace.

If you’re keen to save water in the workplace, there are many ways this can be achieved. Start by educating your staff on the importance of water-saving strategies, as well as carrying out regular checks for leaks and maintenance. Monitoring your bills regularly is also a great way to spot any leaks early.

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