Tips For Switching Business Water Supplier


As a business owner, one of your biggest concerns is cutting your overheads. After all, the lower your outgoings, the higher your profit, which is what running a business is all about.

One of your biggest costs might be your utilities, so a way to reduce your outgoings is to switch to a cheaper water supplier.

Here, we’ll give you seven tips for doing just that, helping you find the best provider possible to save money and ensure you receive a great service.

Check Your Current Contract

The first step to switching your water supplier is finding out whether leaving your current provider is going to cost you money. Some water companies will charge you for exiting your contract early, so be sure to check your contract or speak to your current supplier to see where you stand.

In some cases, the exit fee will be far less than the amount you’ll save by switching your water suppliers, so it always pays to check your contract.

If your initial fixed term with your current supplier has ended then you’re probably on a higher tariff. In that case, it’s probably time to find a better deal!

Find A Water Bill

In order to find the best deals and get a clear picture of how much you can save on your water, you’ll need to locate a recent bill from your current supplier.

This will contain key information such as the amount you’re paying, as well as standing charges for your meter, and all of this info can be used to compare deals.

Assess Your Water Goals

The first step to finding a new business water deal is to assess what you’re looking for in your new supplier and tariff. Are you trying to simply save money? Perhaps you’re also looking for a greener supplier with a strong environmental focus.

With potentially dozens of options on the table, assessing your water goals and needs will simplify the process when you come to finding the best deal.

Check Reviews

Cost isn’t the only consideration to make when you’re looking for a new supplier – you’ll also want to link up with a reliable company.

By checking reviews, you can get a good idea of the type of service you’re likely to receive. If many customers are saying the service they’ve received has been unsatisfactory then there’s a good chance you’ll experience the same.

Just keep in mind that most people are much more likely to leave reviews after a bad experience as opposed to a good one, so reviews should sometimes be taken with a pinch of salt.

Speak To A Broker

The next step is to find a reliable price comparison site like us, which will help you find the supplier and tariff that meets your water requirements.

We partner with reputable and trusted water suppliers to offer the best options for your water needs. So whether you’re looking for the cheapest option or you want a company with a strong focus on customer service, we can help.

All you’ll need to do is submit a few details and we’ll give you a quick call to discuss your water needs. This info will then be used to find a selection of deals that best suit you and your business.

Compare Water Suppliers

Once you’ve got your options at hand, it’s time to compare them and decide which one is for you.

At SwiftSwitch we offer detailed information on many different water suppliers including how they’re performing and what they’ll charge, so you’ll have all the info you need to make an informed choice.

Another benefit of using a broker like SwiftSwitch is we stay informed about all of the latest market developments, so if you’re keen to partner with a company that’s providing a reliable service then we can find the deal for you.

Finalise Your Switch

Once you’ve settled on a supplier and tariff, it’s time to finalise your water switch. This will usually involve providing your payment details or setting up your new direct debit.

You might also need to set up an online account and supply meter readings to calculate your final bill with your old supplier, although this will depend on your situation. You’ll also need to finalise any outstanding bills and charges with your old supplier.

And that’s pretty much it! Once you’ve done this, your water switch will be complete.

The sad truth is many businesses end up staying with their supplier or forking out on a costly tariff just because they’re worried about the complications of switching. But after reading the tips we’ve given in this post, changing suppliers should be a straightforward and painless process – especially when you have a dedicated water broker to do much of the legwork for you!

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