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Top Tips For Saving Water In Your Workplace


There is simply no business in the world that does not rely on water in some form or another, and as a result, every business will need to at some point consider their water usage, particularly if they are concerned with business water rates.

One of the best and easiest ways to lower your water bills is to switch to a more competitive provider, but there are also ways that you can encourage a culture of less wasted water.

Encourage Conscious Water Use

When a lot of people waste water, it is not usually on purpose but more that they are less aware of the water cost of everything they do from washing their hands to mindfully using products where a lot of water is part of their production.

Providing information, setting targets across the company and providing as much information as possible will help to change employee behaviours in small ways. Making it easy to quantify water usage will help encourage people to be more mindful as well.

In combination, these small changes can make a massive difference.

Take A Proactive Approach To Wasted Water

A lot of the time, the biggest reason why a business is wasting water is not that it is being used at all, but instead, it is being lost unnecessarily through leaks and faulty equipment.

Investing in leakage detection systems can help to detect where water might be disappearing through your systems, and allows for proactive maintenance that saves water and in turn saves money.

Understand Where Your Water Use Is

If your company relies on water in order to produce products, it is important to have perspective as to how much your company is using, and whether there is any potential for savings or reusing of industrial water.

For example, water jet cutters use a considerable amount of water alongside abrasive additives, but much of this water can be reused and reclaimed.

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