“Unexplained Influx” Of Chemicals Found In Aberdeenshire


An investigation has been launched by Scottish Water after reports of chemical waste being dumped in sewer networks in Aberdeenshire.

According to the utility supplier, spikes in the presence of chemicals have been detected on several occasions, with suggestions they could be linked to tanker discharges.

Scottish Water said the wastewater treatment works that serve Kemnay, Oldmeldrum and Daviot were the locations where the biggest influxes have occurred and the company has urged members of the public to be vigilant and report any “unusual activity”.

The publicly-owned company revealed the pattern and nature of the influx “suggests the possibility of waste being dumped in significant quantities” and said that it “could originate from a much wider area”.

As reported by the BBC, regional wastewater operations manager Craig Low said: “Each of our wastewater treatment works across Scotland is designed to meet the needs of homes and businesses within its area, while protecting the local environment.

“Any sudden and significant change in the strength and composition of wastewater has potential to disrupt the treatment process and harm the natural environment that it works to protect.

“Following several events which our teams have had to respond to in Kemnay, Oldmeldrum and Daviot, we are investigating all potential causes.”

Thankfully, for the time being at least, the rise in chemicals is not thought to pose a threat to human or animal life. However, Scottish Water will be looking to do all it can to get to the bottom of the matter before it does.

Choosing Your Supplier

The action being taken by Scottish Water highlights the importance of suppliers taking issues like this seriously. Chemical spills and discharges are quite a common occurrence, and it’s crucial for water companies to investigate and locate the source of the contamination.

Sadly, not all suppliers take such a proactive approach, so if you want the cleanest supply for your business then it’s important to keep your options open.

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While some offer best prices on water rates, others may have more of an environmental focus with initiatives in place to keep supplies as clean as possible. So if you’re looking to take your business to a greener water supplier, we can help you find the right company.

As a broker, we’ll start by discussing your needs and preferences, before using that information to source a number of options. We’ll offer detailed information on these different suppliers, tariffs and pricing structures, so you’ll have all the information you need to make your choice.

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