Why Reducing Water Waste Is Essential For Conservation


The majority of our earth surface is covered in water, yet there is only a limited amount of usable water available to us. With such a high demand for water and the use of this resource increasing everyday, working to conserve water and reduce water waste is essential.

We need water to survive and it plays a vital role in everyday tasks such as heating buildings, cleaning us and other items such as windows, vehicles and many other things. It is also essential in the manufacturing of food, clothing and many other items which are essential to our survival.

Water is also essential to life on earth. Animals, plants and all living beings rely on water to survive and without it the planet would wither and die, therefore using this important resource responsibly is essential in helping to preserve these ecosystems and maintain life.

Although the earth is quite literally covered in water, there are areas of the planet which have limited access to drinkable water- or any water at all. There are many factors which affect this and as the population of the planet grows, water scarcity grows too.

By working hard to prevent water wastage and to be more sustainable in our use of water we can help to ensure that the water sources we do have are not subject to as high demand and therefore help to reduce water scarcity.

There is also a link between water usage and energy consumption. Using vast amounts of water for various tasks requires a lot of energy, pumping, filtering, transporting, treating- all these tasks use enormous amounts of energy and contribute negatively to the environment.

By lowering water consumption and being more considerate  to the earth, we can also work towards lowering energy usage and therefore help to reduce the demand for fossil fuels and other energy sources as well.

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