swiftSwitch is your one-stop shop for everything utility.

We understand that no businesses utility needs are exactly the same. This is why their contracts must be tailored. Our home-grown switching formula helps businesses secure the best tailored utility deals.

SwiftSwitch’s dedicated team of utility experts source the best deals from over 50 UK based utility suppliers. We simplify the 1000’s of tariffs that are available on the market and manage the delicate switching process by taking care of the paperwork too. Our expert advice helps take the control from the suppliers and places it back where it belongs… with you.

Year in and year out, our simple and effective switching process saves our customers both time and money. It couldn’t be simpler to switch and save!

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Get a better deal on your business energy with help from our in house experts.


Get a better deal on your business energy with help from our in house experts.

Phone & Broadband

We work with a range of providers to ensure we find the best solution for your business.

Merchant Services

Card Payment Processing solutions for all types of business.


With a wide variety of networks and devices to choose from, which are tailored to your business requirements and are as competitive as can be.


Our free water and site auditing services ensures that you are not being overcharged.

Our Switching Formula


SwiftSwitch will provide you with a dedicated account manager to discuss you business requirement.


We search the market on your behalf to find the most competitive utility contracts for your business needs.


Our team of experts will simplify the entire switching process by removing the burden of switching from you.


Once you are happy with your new contracts, your dedicated account manager will be on hand to assist with any queries that may arise.

Useful Information

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Bill Auditing

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