SwiftSwitch are the brains of the energy market. We understand the industry, and have strong working relationships with all of the UK’s leading energy suppliers. It is because of our extensive knowledge, expertise and savvy, that we are able to source the best deals for your business.


British Gas is notorious for being one of the UK’s biggest gas and electricity suppliers. In Scotland they are known as ‘Scottish Gas’.

As a customer, you should expect:

  • Specifically tailored services for business customers.
  • Energy from renewable resources.
  • Good customer service – advice on how to save on your bills.
  • Online account management – submit meter readings, pay your bills, and manage your direct debit.



Founded by Colin Nigel Gaines, In 1994 CNG began supplying their customers with gas. They only supply to businesses, which means they are able to provide tailored energy packages. CNG are based in Harrogate, Yorkshire.

What you should know:

  • They are one of the most trusted suppliers of gas for SME’s and are renowned throughout the industry for their excellent customer service.
  • They provide customers with gas service, meter installation, replacement, and relocation.
  • Flexible billing and automated meter reading services (AMR)
  • No standing charge products



Based in Watford, Corona Energy is a leading independent energy supplier to businesses within the UK. They deliver 11% of the Industrial and Commercial gas market. This accounts for 1% of the entire UK energy market.

What to expect as a Corona Energy Customer:

  • Green gas options
  • Flexible/tailored contracts
  • Competitive Prices
  • First rate customer care
  • Free and impartial service
  • Tailored plans



Dong energy originates from Denmark, and previously existed as ‘Shell Gas Direct’. They have been investing in the UK since 2004, and are contributing toward the development of low carbon energy supplies in order to help secure their place in the UK’s energy industry.

Dong energy is the second largest supplier of gas to the commercial and industrial sector, and the third across all the UK’s energy sectors.

The potential advantages of switching to Dong Energy:

  • Renowned for their excellent customer care
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Wide range of energy solutions including; gas, electricity, smart metering and technical services
  • Like a lot of the big energy suppliers they also dabble in renewable energy



Based in Worthing, West Sussex, Dual Energy were Established in 2009. Dual energy functions as an independent, UK owned energy supplier.

Dual Energy’s smart meter policy:

Working in light of the smart meter initiative (SMI), Dual Energy is endeavouring to see that every UK business has a smart meter installed by 2020. As a part of their ethos, Dual energy boast of their up and coming plans to invest in making their operations more efficient, thus improving customer care. Dual energy will install a smart meter for all of their electricity customers, free of charge.

You can read information about smart meters on our ‘useful information’ page.

As a Dual Energy customer, you should expect:

  • A low-cost SME alternative to the ‘big six’
  • Customer focused approach – reliable service
  • Competitive rates- price match guarantee
  • Unique APR product involving an annual price review – this ensures that long term contracts stay competitive.
  • A free smart meter



Originating from Germany, E.ON operates as one of the UK’s current leading gas and electricity companies. E.ON is also one of the top energy companies in the world. They generate electricity as well as selling gas and electricity. E.ON is already a reputable energy supplier, and they wish to create lots of trust between them and their customers. They supply around 5 million people with gas and electricity, including 500,000 businesses; employ 12,000 people in the UK, as well as more than 79,000 globally. E.ON has constructed combined heat and power plants that are far more efficient than the traditional power stations.

Plans for the Future:

  • Improve coal, gas, and oil-fired power stations
  • Produce more energy from renewable sources (wind/water)- preferably1,500MVW
  • Make bills and tariffs that are easier to understand
  • Provide customers with free energy saving advice
  • Research new technology to meet customers’ Needs



EDF Energy is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity. They are one of the largest energy suppliers in Europe.

Where trust in energy companies has declined, EDF are committed to rebuilding it. They have plans to drive progress within the energy sector, particularly where trust and environmental issues are concerned.

EDF Plan to:

  • Reduce the intensity of carbon emissions to less than 100g CO2 per KWh by 2030
  • Achieve an increasingly positive environmental impact across land, air and water.
  • Boost energy efficiency
  • Improve customer service and build lasting customer relationships.
  • Reduce emissions from electricity in grams of carbon dioxide equivalent per kilowatt (KWh)
  • Develop CO2 capture, transportation and storage technology

Energy Savings for Businesses:

  • EDF provide businesses with simple and effective savings advice. Like , EDF encourage you to take regular readings, and monitor your energy usage.
  • They offer ‘feed-in tariffs’.
  • Consistently ultra-competitive pricing
  • Their ‘Head start’ thermostat allows you to control your businesses heating wherever you are
  • Flexible contracts



Formally known and GDF SUEZ and founded in 2008, Engie is a leading, multinational, energy and service group. Engie are based in France where they generate and distributed electricity, natural gas,and renewable energy.

Engie are advocates and activists for the growth of our renewable energy economy as we transition into our carbon-free future. It is helping to aid this transition by investing in UK energy infrastructure. In addition to this, they source and develop hydrocarbons from the UK continental shelf.

Engie provide gas to thousands of UK business and delivers its services to over 14,000 customer sites within both private and public sectors.

As a customer you should Expect:

  • Fair and honest communication
  • Transparency in forthcoming activities
  • Excellent service from a company that complies with all current and relevant legislation



Now sitting in amongst some of the big players in the energy market, Extra Energy will still be regarded as a new player. Launched in 2014, they are the sister company to Extra Energie who currently supplies energy to 1 million business and homes in Germany.

Extra Energy is based in Edgbaston, Birmingham, and have UK based customer contact centres.

What to expect as a Customer:

  • Bills and documents that are concise and easy to Understand
  • Highly competitive energy rates for your Business
  • A reliable and friendly Service
  • UK call centres
  • Flexibility- offering big savings to businesses



Gazprom arrived on the UK business energy scene in 2011. They have since expanded into Ireland, France, Germany and the Netherlands. They supply energy to more than 30,000 UK business customers. A report filed by the BBC named Gazprom as the world’s largest gas supplier.

Gazprom energy is the brand name for GM&T Ltd.’s retail activities within Europe. They are an energy retailer and also account for 13% of the global gas production.

Services you should Expect:

  • Top customer service- team based in Manchester.
  • Easy to understand contracts
  • Monthly meter reading reminders and advice
  • Help managing account and payments
  • Smooth transfer process should you wish to leave them



Based in Ipswich, Haven Power is part of the Drax Group. Haven is an independent supplier to businesses that sources their power from Drax Power station.

Haven power is an environmental activist and has vocalised its commitment to minimising its impact on our environment, encouraging its customers to follow suit.

Environmental Policy:

  • Minimise waste by ensuring businesses operations are energy efficient
  • Promotion of Recycling
  • Encourage the usage of energy efficient equipment- provide environmentally friendly products.
  • Give advice to people about how they reduce their energy consumption
  • State of the art energy management system
  • Offer Fairly Priced AMR Meter Systems

Sourcing Power Crown Gas & Power is the energy division of Crown Oil Ltd. They were established over 60 years ago.

However, Crown Oil Ltd.’s trading began when the gas and electricity markets were deregulated. Originally supplying gas in LPG, Crown Oil Ltd now supplies gas to the construction industry and the public sector.

Crown Gas & Power has a UK based call centre, located in Heap Bridge, Bury.

What to Expect as a Customer:

  • They are committed to Providing a First-class, Fair and Professional Service.
  • Believe in openness and honesty with their customers
  • Supply clear and concise invoices Based on actual Meter Readings
  • Communicate in plain English. All offices are UK based
  • Provide online account access
  • Aim to consistently improve customer Service

Future Plans:

  • Crown Gas & Power wish to expand their visibility and value within the within the commercial gas market.
  • Aim to excel as a UK gas supplier and secure plans to ensure its longevity

Environmental Contribution
Crown Gas & Power plan to reduce their environmental impact. They will do this by reducing the size of their carbon footprint and by offsetting their operations.

They have vowed to make regular contributions to charities.



Npower (one of the ‘big six’) is a UK-based electricity generator and supplier of gas and electricity.They supply gas and electricity to both businesses and homes. Their headquarters are based in Swindon.

They are a prominent integrated UK energy company that manage and operate a large portfolio of gas, coal and oil-fired power stations. Npower are part of the RWE Group- one of Europe’s five leading gas and electricity firms. RW generate energy, trade, transmit and supply gas and electricity.

Environmental Stance:
Npower (one of the ‘big six’) is a UK-based electricity generator and supplier of gas and electricity. They supply gas and electricity to both businesses and homes. Their headquarters are based in Swindon.

Npower have an Environmental Management System (EMS) in place
Adhere to appropriate environmental legislation
Supporters of biodiversity
Has developed Biodiversity Action Plans for two power stations in Wales
Work in partnership with Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

In the Community:
Npower has been accredited with the CommunityMask, and will keep it until 2018. This is the UKs national standard for excellence and leadership in community investment. Npower first acquired the honour back in 2007, and have since remained to be one of 36 businesses that have collectively invested more than £2.06 billion within their communities.

Ultimately, this award is presented to businesses that show an exceptional level of community interest and involvement.



Based in Northampton, Opus energy were Established in 2002. Opus energy have been aiming to deliver great levels of customer service as well as sourcing energy from renewable sources. They are currently the sixth largest supplier of energy for businesses, and have a UK based call centre.

What to expect with their business electricity service:

  • A Free smart meter
  • Online Account
  • UK based Customer Service
  • Accurate Invoicing
  • Electricity from renewable sources

What to Expect from their gas service:

  • Help with the management of your energy
  • Simple and clear Invoices
  • Accurate Invoicing



OVO Energy is an independent energy supplier. OVO was founded by Stephen Fitzpatrick and joined the energy market to begin trading back in September 2009. OVO buy and sell gas and supply energy to households and businesses across the UK.

They are recognised by Which? as the first Which? recommended provider for energy.

Locally sourced energy:
OVO Energy understands the positive environmental and monetary implications of localising energy sources.

They have created a scheme named ‘OVO communities’. They plan to expand the amount of communities on their ‘OVO communities’ spectrum, but right now their schemes exist in Cheshire East region, Peterborough and Southend.

They are hopeful that schemes like this will help to reduce fuel poverty throughout the UK.

OVO buy all of their gas and electricity from the energy market as well as from UK based power Generators.

Customer service:

  • Offer fairly priced green energy
  • Offer gas and electricity at competitive rates
  • Put customers first
  • Fast online account Management
  • First class Green Energy Plans
  • Bristol based customer service team

An Environmental Mind-set:

  • Want to offer customers clean energy at affordable prices
  • Offer more natural gas and renewable products
  • Provide the greenest electricity they can
  • Buy energy from sustainable sources
  • From 2014-2015 all renewable electricity derived from the UK



Scottish power is amongst the 6 biggest Energy companies within the UK- the ‘big six’. They supply energy to more than 5 million businesses and households across the UK.

Scottish power prides itself on supplying a wide range of cheap fixed-rate energy contracts to businesses, and is a big champion for energy efficiency too.

How your Business could Benefit:

  • Competitively priced products
  • Online management of your Energy Account
  • Monitoring of your meter readings ‘The smart meter’
  • Energy Efficiency Advice



SSE’s services encompass a wide range of utilities, including gas and electricity, phone and broadband. They are a large British company that deliver reliable and safe supplies of electricity to businesses and homes around southern England and the north of Scotland.

SSE supply electricity to more than 3.7 million businesses and homes around these regions. They own their own electricity transmission network and two electricity distribution networks across one third of the UK.

Powering our Future:
SSE is at the forefront of innovation in the energy sector. They have created a number of innovation projects aimed to develop more efficient sources of energy for our future, and a lot of these innovation projects are funded by Ofgem’s incentive schemes.



Total Gas & Power Ltd are based in Redhill, United Kingdom. Founded in 1987, it is currently the largest industrial and commercial natural gas supplier in the UK. Total Gas & Power is also a completely owned subsidiary of the French Oil Supermajor Total SA.

Total Gas & Power supplies natural gas and energy to SMEs, commercial and large industrial businesses, as well as the public services and non-profit organisations.


  • Monitoring and Managing
  • Optimising energy usage
  • Highlight opportunities for energy efficiency and on-site generation that will result in carbon reductions and savings
  • Provides sustainable energy solutions
  • Delivers energy advisory Services

Customer Care:

  • Advocates for excellent customer service
  • Behave in a fair and transparent manner
  • Professionalism is highly regarded
  • Deliver clear and straightforward communication to customers
  • Match customers with appropriate products
  • Promptly right any Wrongs
  • Encourage loyalty
  • Provides customers with a welcome booklet containing lots of up-to- date and useful information.

Future Plans:

  • Improvement in customer services
  • Meter reading reminders- they are launching a text reminder service.
  • Electronic access to all bills- working on plans to make this online service accessible 24 hours a day

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