Thames Water Customers Forced To Drink Bottled Water After Leak


Residents of High Wycombe had to rely on a water bottle station recently, amid ongoing issues with their supply.

In late January, residents in Amersham Hill reported issues with their water, with some households experiencing low pressure in their taps, while otters said their supply had stopped completely, the Bucks Free Press reports.

Thames Water, the company in charge of domestic supply in the area, said the issues were caused by a burst pipe. To help locals, the supplier set up a water station at St Augustine’s Church on Amersham Hill for those who need bottled water.

A Thames Water spokesperson said: “We are sorry to customers who have experienced water supply interruptions, following a burst pipe on Amersham Hill in High Wycombe.

“We’d like to reassure them that our engineers have now completed the repair following reports on Wednesday 31 January.

“While water is expected to return to properties shortly, we have provisionally opened a bottled water station for customers at St Augustine’s Church on Amersham Hill, HP13 6NZ.”


Although the country’s ageing water infrastructure is probably as much to blame for the incident as Thames Water, this is by no means an isolated incident. Just last November, the company was hit with a £73m fine for the amount of pollution and leakages.

This comes on the back of the steady stream of bad press the company has received due to mounting debts and accusations of financial mismanagement.

So Thames Water hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory and reports of customers relying on bottles of water due to supply issues won’t do much to repair their damaged reputation!

Comparing Water Suppliers

If you’re a customer of Thames Water then you may well be concerned. After all, you want to know the company you’re handing your hard-earned cash over to will maintain a steady supply, meaning you won’t have to rely on bottled water to get by!

For households, sadly there’s not a lot you can do as your supplier is fixed. However, for those who own a business, it’s possible to change suppliers.

Here at SwiftSwitch, we believe news like this merely highlights the importance of comparing water suppliers to ensure your business is partnering with a reliable water company.

When it comes to finding a reliable, reputable water supplier, some perform better than others. Customer service, not to mention price, may also be important for you as a business owner, and these factors should all be taken into consideration when you’re looking to switch water suppliers

At SwiftSwitch we offer detailed information on many different suppliers including how they’re performing, so you’ll have all the info you should require to make an informed choice.

Another benefit of using a broker like SwiftSwitch is we continually stay informed about all of the latest news and market developments, so if you’re keen to partner with a company that’s providing a reliable service then we’re here to help.

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