How Water Shortages Can Affect Your Business


Let’s face it, we all take our water supply for granted. While some countries in the developing world still don’t have access to clean water, here we’re so used to going to the sink and simply turning the tap that we probably take it for granted.

This applies to most of your business owners, too, who probably don’t realise just how much you rely on water to keep the wheels turning.

But what if the water suddenly cuts off? Worse still, what if it keeps cutting off again and again? Here we’ll be answering these questions and more, uncovering the main issues that can occur if your water supply suddenly stops working.


Downtime is every business owner’s worst nightmare. It doesn’t matter what industry or sector you’re in, when your operations come to a grinding halt, chances are you’re not going to be making any money.

Depending on the nature of your business, having no running water could well put the handbrake on, so this is one good reason why you’ll want a consistent supply.

Staff Dissatisfaction

If your water supply is constantly being cut off, this is likely to create disharmony among your employees.

Presuming you’ve hired driven, goal-oriented people who like to work hard and get stuff done, having their work interrupted by a lack of water is bound to have a detrimental impact on morale.

Additionally, prolonged issues with your water may force you to reduce operating hours or force temporary closures, leading to uncertainty and job insecurity and potential financial issues among your employees.

Sure, your staff won’t mind too much if it’s a one-off. But if it starts to become a regular occurrence, this is sure to cause annoyance and dissatisfaction, which is never good.

Reputational Damage

As well as putting you in bad stead with your staff, constant water interruptions are likely to damage your reputation with your customers, too.

If your customers think your business is unable to address water-related issues then this is sure to raise one or two eyebrows. For instance, a restaurant that’s continually having to close its doors due to problems with its water supply is unlikely to instil much confidence in its customers.

Many businesses live and die on their reputation, so this is undoubtedly one of the primary concerns with an interrupted supply, underlining the importance of addressing any issues with your water.

Legal/Regulatory Issues:

In addition to the practical issues caused by an interrupted supply, you may also have some legal or regulatory problems to contend with. This is especially so in industries where water usage is closely regulated such as agriculture or hospitality.

Failure to comply with any regulatory requirements that are in place can result in fines, penalties and legal liabilities, none of which you want as a business owner!

Inventory Loss

Does your business deal with perishable goods such as fresh produce or pharmaceuticals? Then you’ll know only too well that they can spoil or degrade if you’re unable to meet your storage requirement due to water shortages.

If inventory happens to spoil then obviously this will result in immediate financial losses, as well as potentially impeding your ability to meet your customers’ demands.

Comparing Water Suppliers

So, after digesting the above information, it should be clear to see just how important it is to have a steady, reliable water supply. Clearly, some businesses will be more affected than others, but regardless of the industry you’re in, an unreliable service is never ideal.

This is why it pays to partner with the most reliable water supplier who you can trust to deliver an efficient service. Unlike households, businesses are able to switch suppliers whenever they wish, so this is why it pays to compare business water suppliers.

When it comes to finding a reliable water supplier, some inevitably perform better than others. When you compare suppliers, you’ll be taking numerous factors into consideration, including price, customer service and performance.

At SwiftSwitch we offer detailed information on many different suppliers including how they’re performing, so you’ll have all the info you should require to make an informed choice.

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