Water Companies At Increased Risk Of Cyber Attack


Credit rating agency Moody’s has warned the UK’s water companies that they are at an ‘elevated’ risk of hacking from cyber attackers looking to gain access to customer information.

Perhaps even more worrying, Moody’s said malicious actors may even target drinking water, which could be catastrophic for public health.

In a report to investors, Moody’s said that hackers are increasingly targeting infrastructure companies and the development of AI may only make the matter worse in the coming years.

Just last month Southern Water said the Black Basta ransomware group had claimed to have accessed its systems. The hackers then posted a “limited amount” of data on the dark web.

This was following an incident in 2022 where hackers managed to steal data of South Staffordshire Water customers, so it’s clear water companies are in the crosshairs of these cyber criminals.

Although the cost to repair systems will result in just a “modest increase” in debt for water companies, the report warned: “The greater risk for the sector, and society, is if malicious actors are able to access operational technology systems to impair drinking water or wastewater treatment facilities.”

Comparing Water

If you’re a customer of any of the companies mentioned above then you may well be concerned. After all, you want to know the company that’s handling your sensitive data is doing so carefully.

With the threat of cyber criminals accessing your data and potentially even sabotaging the supply, it’s clear that water companies are now under pressure to safeguard themselves and the public from these dangers.

The problem is that many of the country’s leading suppliers have been in the news for all the wrong reasons as of late, so customer confidence isn’t exactly high right now!

Here at SwiftSwitch, we believe news like this merely highlights the importance of comparing water suppliers to ensure you’re partnering with the best company out there.

When it comes to finding a water supplier, some are more careful with data than others, as we’ve seen. Customer service and performance, not to mention price, may also be important for you as a business owner, and these should all be taken into account when switching water suppliers.

At SwiftSwitch, we offer detailed information on many different water suppliers and we keep our finger firmly on the button with regards to industry news and developments. So you’ll have all the info you need to make an informed choice.

Another benefit of using a broker like us is we can help you compare prices to ensure you get the best deal possible, so if you want to pair up with a reliable company that will also help you save money, speak to us today!

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